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pianist. composer. music producer.


out on now

Without music, life would be a mistake







about me

My name is Stefano D’Amico, I was born in Turin on 3 February 1996. At the age of 6 I moved t

Cisternino, a little town among Apulian hills. Here is where my passion started.

At the age of 11 I began to study piano in middle school, with my teacher Gigliola, and one year

later I entered the Conservatoire in Monopoli., where I studied with teacher Francesco Buccarella,

a well-known pianist and clavicembalist for the group ‘I Musici’.

When I was 12 I wrote my first piano song ‘Ora che noi’, and then ‘I will not lose you’.

Until 2015 I focused mainly on pop music, writing several songs and melodies such as ‘Aria dei

miei polmoni’, which got the second place at a regional competition in High School.

2016 was a turning point for me: I moved back to Turin and I started the study of composition and

orchestral techniques, and so I decided to dedicate myself to contemporary music.

Currently Istudy composition, orchestration and film scoring with Stefano Fonzi, maestro Morricone’s longtime collaborator, and I study also piano with teacher Gianluca Guida.

In 2020 I put my passion for music and for environmentalism in ‘Tribute to the Earth’, my EP which

tells the beauty of our planet: rain, sunset, the moon, the green nature. Its purpose is to raise

awareness on the importance of protecting this natural patrimony.



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