Stefano D'Amico was born in Turin in 1996. At the age of 6 he moved to a small town in Apulia by the sea. He started studying piano when he was 11 with piano teacher Gigliola, and only a year later he entered 'N. Rota' Conservatoire, in Monopoli. He continued his studies with Francesco Buccarella. Some months later he wrote his first piano composition 'Ora che noi', which was performed at the year-end show and much appreciated. He then wrote other melodies which made him known to other musicians. In 2011 he became the keyboardist of an Apulian band with which he started to perform live and won a competition for new groups.

In 2014 the band broke up and he went on as a soloist, composing pop music. In this time he wrote the music for 'Aria dei miei polmoni', a single that placed second in a competition organised by INAIL Regione Puglia which focused on workplace safety and work-related deaths.
At the end of 2015 he realesed 'I will not lose you', the last single before a short break.
At first he gave up on music to focus on his studies, but a year later he realised music belonged to his life and he could not live without it. In 2016 he entered again the Conservatoire and got a place in Buccarella's class. In 2017 he started to compose again, this time orchestral and piano music. That same year he released 'Rain', a composition for piano and viola. One year later, he released 'Liebe', a waltz this time.
At the beginning of 2020, while composing 'Luce soffusa' he came up with the idea of the album 'Tribute to the Earth'. It wants to pay homage to the beauty of our planet, and raise awareness on important issues such as pollution and climate change.
Stefano is indeed a convinced environmentalist and since 2018 he has taken part into social campaigns to help sensitize people to environmental issues.


© 2020 by Stefano D'Amico pianist and composer

Piano music and original song written and composed by Stefano D'Amico

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